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Our visit to "Saral Siruvar Maiyam", Pudukottai - J.

About ArivuCholai Inauguration - Mrs. G.

About ArivuCholai Inauguration - J.

About ArivuCholai Inauguration - V.

Minutes of the Library Inauguration at Evoor - M.

DATE: 29.05.2010
There is a difference between the “standard of life” and “standard of living”. Standard of life deals with spiritual aspects and standard of living deals with materialistic aspects. While World religions preaches and guide for enrichment in standard  of life, World around us drives us towards the standard of living. For upliftment in both the aspects, knowledge in every field is necessary. To gain knowledge on standard of life, one has to search for a Guru and to gain knowledge on standard of living, one has to equip themselves with their academic stream of studies. Whenever there is no situation for finding a Guru, to some extent, books can take the place of him. To gain the complete knowledge on academic stream of studies, one can search books for it.
Hence for both the aspects, one can search books for help. Our organization has taken genuine steps in opening a knowledge bank – library with 500 books , in the name Arivucholai ( name suggested by Thiru Natarajan of Coimbatore) for the children and people of Evoor, a village in Trichy District.These books will help in other ways too for the children , which have been shared before itself.
With the contribution of new and used books from almost every friend , 500 books have been displayed in our first library, categorized under the sections-
I.                    Books for Children
1.       Biographies
2.       Moral Stories
3.       Comic stories
4.       Poems
5.       Essays
6.       Language
7.       General Knowledge
8.       Science
9.       Social Science
10.   Games
11.   Grammar
12.   Magazines
II.                  Books for Grown ups
1.       Stories
2.       Poems
3.       Arts ( Cooking, Stitching etc..)
4.       Self Employment
5.       Spiritual
6.       Agriculture
7.       Self guiding books
8.       Magazines
9.       Medical field
10.   General
11.   Economics and Commerce
Establishing the library physically---
Immediately after reaching the spot, one group of friends  grouped the books in the rack and other group of friends prepared the labels of book sections for sticking in the rack. After writing saying in small portion of the entrance wall painted with black board paint, one group of friends went for door to door canvassing, insisting to take part in the function of opening of library by  insisting the importance of books and  insisting the children to take part in the games to be  organized by us. Then we had a lunch at the home of Panchayat President .
Interaction with Children------
Due to the effective canvassing , even before the lunch, children have started to gather before the library enthusiastically to take part in the games. When considerable children have gathered, an interaction with children have been made by asking them their aims. Some spontaneously told their aims of becoming a Doctor, Computer Engineer, IAS, Police, Teacher.But some told what their neighbour told as their aim. Asking question like this will help the children to think of their future profession and if not have fixed their aim, they will fix them after this interaction. Every child was given a scale, pencil and an eraser distributed by Suganya and Niveditha and every one treasured them with happiness. Some came and given complaint that he has two pencils or he is having two erasers
Games organized -----
1.       Memory test was conducted for the children studying up to Fifth standard. About 25 things like- pen, sharpener, ball, tumbler, spoon etc.,have been placed one by one by telling the name of each one, since some children may not know the name of certain thing like gemclip.  Tmt.Pauline explained the children as how to keep the things in memory in two ways- one by relating the things as used for writing, used for makeups etc., and other by keeping the photo memory of the things displayed as ball was placed in the centre, flower on right corner etc., After explaining the rules and tricks for this test the things were removed and time was given to the children to write the things they have seen.
2.       General Knowledge test was conducted for children studying above VI std. About 25 questions have been selected and each question was written in a small bit of paper. Answer for each questions was also written separately in bit of paper. Question bits were kept displayed in one end of table and Answer bits were kept displayed in another end of the table. The child who is taking part in this competition should choose a question bit from one end and  correct answer bit from the other end or vice versa,  within 5 minutes. Tmt. Sudha Sathish Kumar together with Tmt. Priya conducted this competition.
3.       Earth ? or  Stone ? ( Kalla? Manna? ) game was conducted for children studying up to fifth standard.Children were made to stand at the edge of the road so that when we say Earth ( Kalla) the children has to jump to the road and when we say  earth(Manna) the children has to jump to the berms of the road.Sasi Kumar with Sahayaraj  conducted the game. This game will give children the efficiency of spontaneous response. Tmt.Priya  and Tmt. Jothi helped in conducting this game.
4.       Drawing completion for children up to Fifth standard was conducted by Niveditha, Suganya, Girija, Sathish Kumar and Jothi. Children were given papers and crayons and made to draw and colour whatever they wanted and give a title for it.
5.       Drawing completion for children studying sixth and above standard was conducted by Niveditha, Suganya, Girija, Sathish Kumar and Jothi. Children were given papers and crayons and made to draw and colour whatever they wanted and give a title for it.
6.       The game of passing the ball was conducted for grownups by Tmt. Priya, Thiru Sathish Kumar, Thiru Sahayaraj , Thiru Sasi Kumar and Tmt. Jothi. Few Women too joined the game.This is the completion that took part with much sound of enthusiasm.
7.       The game of passing the ball was conducted for children by Tmt. Priya, Thiru Sathish Kumar, Thiru Sahayaraj , Thiru Sasi Kumar and Tmt. Jothi.
While games competitions were taking place, Tmt. Pauline shared a big cake with the help of Tmt. Girija by cutting in to small small pieces and distributing to the children. Every children were happy to receive the cake.
Inaugural Function-----
Even before ending of the games, Chief Guests have started to arrive.Snacks like biscuits , mixture and coffee were distributed to the chief guests and to the children, people who attended the function Tmt. Girija and Thiru. Sahayaraj have pasted the orange colour satin ribbon in such a beautiful and thoughtful way that it looked as though the whole building ( with books inside the room) is tied as gift for the village.Two girls Suganya and Niveditha made the scissor beautiful by making a gift knot in satin ribbon and pasting it in scissors.

   Under co-ordination of Tmt. Jothi, stage function was organized in an effective manner.
n  The stage events was compiled by Thiru. Sathish Kumar.
n  Sharmadha, Aalisha and Shree Sakthi have sung the Tamzhil Thaai Vazhthu
n  Welcoming speech was given by Thiru. Sathish Kumar
n  The Panchayat President Tmt. Shanthi Paramasivam opened the library by cutting the ribbon.
n  Immediately after opening of library, everyone was give a chocolate distributed by Suganya, Nivedhita and Tmt. Sudha Sathish Kumar
n  Thiru. Sasi Kumar gave a wonderful introduction of our organization – starting from the gatherings in B.H.E.L and explaining till now. This speech have made everyone of our friends to remember of our golden days in B.H.E.L. He insisted that this library is theirs and that they should maintain the books properly and return them saftley.
n  One girl by name Devadharshini has recited many Thirukural prepared for this function. Immediately after recitation, Tmt.Priya shared her happiness of finding a girl like her for her excellence in academic stream of studies as she had found out 22 answers in G.K.competition.
n  Another girl by name Niveditha has answered the name of the Tamil Nadu Ministers when Devadharshini asked by saying their portfolios.
n  Then each of the chief guests Tmt. Shanthi Paramasivam- Panchayat President, Thiru, S.P.Sivam- retired Head Master , Tmt.K. Rajeshwari- Headmistress of the Elementary School in Evoor,Thiru. A. Arumugam- Retired teacher in Evoor, Thiru. M. Rathnam-Counsellor, Thiru. M.Ramadas- Deputy Counsellor gave inaugural speech
n  Thiru Sahayaraj has given a lively speech on importance of library combining the aims of the children .
n  Each of the Chief Guest was given a momento by our friends- Thiru Radha Krishnan, Tmt Girija, Thiru Dhanapal, Thiru Sridhar, Tmt. Priya,Tmt. Sudha Sathish Kumar
n  Introduction of the librarian Thiru Marimuthu was done by Thiru Sathish Kumar.
n  Three Prizes for each of 7events were distributed by all the chief guests and Thiru Paramasivam.
n  Thanking speech was given by Tmt. Pauline Theresa thanking all the chief guests and the pople of the village for making this function a grand success one.
n  The function ended successfully by singing National Anthem by every one and by Sharmadha, LogaPriya ( Daughter of Shanthi Paramasivam ) ,Shree Sakthi on stage.
n  The chief guests visited the library and saw the books collected. When Tmt.K. Rajeshwari- Headmistress of the Elementary School in Evoor visited, we told her that many books on biographies of national leaders were collected in this library and hence, when conducting essay or oratorical competitions, she can insist the children to use this library. We showed bilingual books with short simple lines to her and asked her to insist the small children in the elementary school to visit the library so that they take such books and learn by themselves without much guidance. The Chief Guest- Thiru S.P.Sivam gifted some 40 books to the Panchayat President to be kept in the library.
n  We all had snacks and left the village.
Even before all these happenings, invitation for opening of library, framed by Tmt.  Vasanthanayagi & Tmt. Jothi, get printed by Vasanthi’s brother Thir Vadivel, have been distributed to the Chief Guests on 23.6.2010 by Thiru Sathish Kumar, Thiru Sasi Kumar , Thiru. Dhanapal and by Tmt. Meena. 

Delighted about the discussions on "Rural Libraries" - V.

Our visit to the Pudukottai Orphange - Mr. Natarajan

அன்புடையீர் வணக்கம்
நான் உங்களது புதுகோட்டை பயணம் தொடர்பான கடிதம் படித்தேன். நன்றாக
இருந்தது. குழந்தைகள்,இல்லத்தின் நிலைமை இரத்தின சுருக்கமாக
சொல்லப்பட்டுள்ளது. நேரில் பார்த்தது போன்ற எண்ணம் ஏற்பட்டது. எல்லா
ஆதரவற்ற இல்லக் குழந்தைகளும் உணர்வு நிலையில்  தாங்கள் கூறியுள்ளது போல்
தான் இருப்பார்கள். நாம் இப்போது குழந்தைகளின் உணர்வுத்தேவைகளுக்கு
அதிகம் முக்கியத்துவம்  தராமல் அவர்களின் இயல்புத் தேவைகளான நிலையான
இருப்பிடம், உணவு, உடை, ஆகியவை கிடைக்க ஆக்கபூர்வ நடவடிக்கை எடுக்க
வேண்டும் என்பதைத் தெரிவித்துக் கொள்கின்றேன். இயல்புத் தேவைகள் சரிவர
பூர்த்தியாகும் பொழுது நிச்சயம் குழந்தைகளின் மனநிலை ஆரோக்கியமாக
இருக்கும் என்பது எனது கருத்தாகும்.
மேலும் தங்களின் நூலகத்திட்டம் சிறப்பனதாகும். நல்ல புத்தகங்களை
படிப்பதன் மூலம் சிறந்த சமூக நோக்கமுள்ள மனிதர்களை உருவாக்க முடியும்.
தன்னலமற்ற சமூக நோக்கமுள்ள மனிதர்கள் மூலம் சிறந்த சமுதாயத்தை உருவாக்க
முடியும். அந்த வகையில் தங்களின் நூலகத்திட்டம் உண்மையான சமுதாய
புரட்சிக்கான ஒரு சிறு விதையாகும்.
தங்களின் குறுஞ் செய்தியில் இத்திட்டத்திற்கான பெயர்களை
பட்டியலிட்டிருந்தீர். அதனுடன் “ அறிவுச் சோலை” என்ற பெயரையும்
சேர்த்துக்கொள்ளுமாறு அன்புடன் கேட்டுக்கொள்கின்றேன்.